Wellness Cabinet

“Medicine Cabinet” doesn’t really make sense in a crunchy house. Hence we have a “Wellness Cabinet”

These are things that we keep on hand for everything from headaches, to minor burns to colds.
I will add links to these as I post about them, but here is the list for now!

Black seed oil
Bronchial Soothe Enzymedica Ivy Leaf Syrup (for coughs)
Lily of the Desert Aloe Juice (detoxer, soother, overall herb juice extraordinaire)
Sovereign Silver Hydrosol (detoxer, immune booster, healer of almost anything)
Bentonite Oral Clay, Powder Clay (detoxer, headache soother)
Vitamin D3 (immune booster)
Vitamin C (immune booster, cancer killer)
Probiotics: Theralac for kids, Metagenics
Trace Mineral Drops (immune booster, essential vitamins/minerals)
Emu Oil, Jojoba oil, Coconut oil (skin issues)
Elderberry Syrup (for colds) Adult, Child
Oil of Oregano (multi-purpose)
Olive Leaf Extract (natural antibiotic, anti-viral, immune booster)
Echinacea (immune booster)
Cat’s Claw (immune booster)
Oscillococcinum (for flu)
Essential Oils: Thieves, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint (multi-purpose)
Diatomaceaous Earth (anti-parasitic)
Tea Tree Oil (multi-purpose)
Rescue Remedy  (stress reducer)
Papaya enzyme (for heartburn, nausea)
Ginger/ginger tea (for nausea)
 30C Homeopathic kit

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