Green Clean

How do I sum this up?

I love colloidal silver (Sovereign Silver brand) for internal health and wellness. I finally expanded the power of silver to the rest of my house.

Environmental toxins are no joke. They are also a big factor in how our bodies handle disease and illness. They are a part of my FAVORITE equation and topic: epigenetics. (What we put in our bodies and what we have around our bodies affects our bodies on the molecular level; it has a direct effect on our DNA and gene expression. Just because you carry a gene for a disease does NOT not not mean you will develop the disease.)

We have trashed even the "natural" cleaners for a Norwex cloths. It took a little while for me to get over the sting that they clean even better than my beloved vinegar! Ok that still stings a little... ;)

Cleaning has become easier and faster and to any moms of littles, it has become completely toddler friendly. I don't mind cleaning anymore....dare I say that I *whispers* enjoy it? Bite my tongue! But really, you can clean like 90% of the house with two cloths and thassit! No spray bottles! And not just no spray bottles but no spray bottles to make sure are out of toddler reach at all times. Mopping isn't mopping anymore. It's easy and quick and no toddler mop bucket diving mop bucket!

How is all this possible you say? The silver that's embedded in the cloths. The super absorbent microfiber picks up everything then the silver gets to work on the germs that were picked up. Done and done!

And the boys help me clean. Here's a damp cloth, go to town! And they do! Woop!

Highly recommend! You can check out the products and find more information here:


  1. Green clean products work just as well as the old fashioned standard chemical products, but have less impact on the environment and contain safer ingredients.
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  2. Green clean product is very healthy for our environment. You put really very helpful information. Thanks for sharing this post.