Crap Free Food

Crap free food!

This is what those who know me have become familiar with seeing me call "real food" and apparently it's not only become amusing but it's being embraced. That just makes me smile.

What is crap free food? It encompasses nourishing foods: meat without anti-biotics or hormones, unpasteurized dairy, produce without toxic pesticides and fertilizers, unrefined sugars, grains and oils.

REAL food...crap free food. Non-processed food in general.

We get our crap free food from a variety of places. In the summer we get some from our backyard. Throughout the year we get most of ours delivered right to our door from Door to Door Organics. We get a fair amount of flours, coconut milks, oils, unrefined sugars and those kinds of packaged foods from Vitacost. Then there's always the local stores like Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and Mariano's. Those trips don't happen very often because we like to have food delivered to us. I am having our third child in about 2 months and I can probably count how many times I went grocery shopping with our first on just one hand...and once our second arrived? I'd really have to think but I'm pretty sure I've never gone grocery shopping with both of them. Either my deal finding health conscious husband goes or I wait until someone is here to play with the kids before I go. It's nice!!

Since we have found our happy and healthy place within crap free food eating, I have been rearing little ones. We just haven't had the chance to make the garden(s) of our dreams yet. We have a garden, it's just small and only has a few different veggies. I have pots with herbs and this year we planted an apple and a pear tree. We also planted some strawberries, blackberries and blueberries this year. We have a pretty perfect spot for another garden but time might get away from us again to get that ready. (Can someone tell me how cool it is to have your kids help with gardening and planting? I DO NOT want to rush their lives but I am really looking forward to them helping and learning!) I have had some more container gardening on my radar. Even if we had our dream gardens, I just like to grow food anywhere we can.

A new, additional, crap free food avenue appeared to us recently. It's nonGMO, organic "patio to table" gardening via Gardenuity.  You grow veggies in "grow bags" or "grow boxes"...container gardening. You reuse the bags every year which is nice. They even have a sweet corn! I really miss corn on the cob, so I'm excited about this! You can also just plant your own seeds in the bags and use whatever soil and compost you have. They do sell those supplies if you don't already have them and they basically send you everything you need to get the bag of food going. Easy peasy!

Three cheers for easy peasy crap free food delivered to my door ready to eat or ready to grow! Nothing beats that set up while rearing littles, I say!

I have a certain number of invitations to send via Door to Door Organics every month that will give the recipient 50% off their first order. Feel free to send an email to mostlycrunch @ gmail dot com to see if I have any left for the month!

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