Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gardenuity Review

If you have heard of Gardenuity and are looking for the real scoop, this is your stop. If you haven't heard about them then this Gardenuity Review is your chance to learn about them and see if you'd like to become a customer or a associate.

They launched in the spring of this year (2014) and are founded by a group of passionate individuals with many years of direct sales experience. 

I had been talking to a friend of mine about how we wished there was a gardening direct sales company. I kid you not, a few weeks later I came upon Gardenuity by total happenstance. I contacted the company directly to get more information after checking out the website which showed an exciting array of "garden inspired" products.

They offer patio to plate gardening systems in the form of "grow bags" and "grow boxes". So basically, it's container gardening in genius reusable bags that allow for optimal root growth. They offer organic, nonGMO vegetables, herbs and fruits. They also have an indoor sprouting box. 

Their other product lines include body care, food & flavors, candles, living decor and tools & amendments. The body care line is free of PABAs, phthalates, and other toxic ingredients. They use real food to flavor their sea salts. The candles are nonGMO soy with lead-free wicks, no petroleum or other garbage ingredients. Plus they are infused throughout with essential oils, not just on top like most other candles.  

They offered a "Founding Associate" tier during their first few months where those who joined would be part of a group that would be able to test new products, evaluate programs and give feedback that could help shape the company. 

Since this was right up my alley and essentially exactly what I had been hoping for, joining was a no-brainer. One of the first things I tried to impress upon them was how important it was to clearly indicate that it was organic nonGMO food since that was my very first question and I knew it would be the same for most of the people in my social circles. Not two days later they added something to the main page of their website! Then I immediately started my list of ideas that I would love to see in a company like this and sent them off. I got an amazingly heartfelt and positive response expressing deep appreciation for my input and ideas. What I learned from those two experiences in my first few days was that 
1) They DO "get it" (it = the importance of nonGMO, pesticide free, pure ingredient everything)
2) They do appreciate and listen to their founding associates and
3) My ideas (and my husband's ideas) were in alignment with the direction the company wanted to go

With that I was on my way, sharing it with everyone I knew. My team grew to 30-something in about a month's time. That made clear that I wasn't the only one who saw what I saw in this new company and that it is just as important as I thought for these kinds of products to be available. 

They experienced a little bit of a hiccup with shipping in the first couple months that are easily chalked up to growing pains. No big deal. The customer service has been great from the start. Response time has been very good with a few instances of delay but nothing outrageous. 

Most recently the company is in the process of being bought completely by those who envisioned its existence. To get started they partnered with investors, as many companies starting out do. Their success has allowed them to purchase it in its entirety which will allow for full on forward movement with their plans and goals. In my communications with the leaders, I have no doubt that their commitment of excellence to their associates and customers, the brand, and the concept has not wavered and I look forward with child-like anticipation to what I'm calling "Gardenuity 2.0". 

I recently finally had a chance to make a video on the what and the why of Gardenuity, you can see that here:

If this Gardenuity Review has perked your interest and you would like further information on the products or the opportunity, please feel free to contact me here or at