Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Natural Cures Summit Free Gifts Review


The summit is free. As soon as you sign up for it you get an email with your free gifts: 3 videos and a cookbook. 

The first thing I did was flip through the cookbook to see if I approved 😬 and I do.

I don't even know where to begin with these videos. They are fantastic. 

Dr. Tom O'Bryan "Secrets to Overcoming Gluten Sensitivity"
1) Wheat, barley and rye have the bad (worst) gluten. 
2) Grains have been hybridized to have more the past 50 years it has increased 50% (this means the wheat of today IS NOT what it used to be)
3) Amino acid structure of wheat and the ancient wheats (that some feel are better/ok to eat without ill effects) is similar enough that the body recognizes it as gluten and makes antibodies 
4) Sourdough and sprouting...problems with the studies that say this is better for you or a way to eat the grains is that they didn't check for antibodies within test subjects, just went by symptoms
5) The article that had its fuel based in its sensationalistic title ("Is gluten just a fad?") was based on a blogger who read the title of a study and didn't understand the actual study. 38 centers for gluten related disorders in Italy all did studies...slam dunk study of all of these show it is an actual problem.
6) Large relationship to autoimmune disease. Gluten is the biggest environmental trigger that pulls on our health chain per se. If you are sensitive to it, every time you eat it, it pulls on your chain and eventually that chain will break at the weakest genetic link (M.S., fibromyalgia, thyroid, arthritis, lupus, etc) and manifest as that disease.
7) Just because you feel better (no bloating for example) eating a certain food (sprouted grains or A2 milk for example) DOES NOT MEAN you are not having an immunological response to that "better" food. You might feel better but your immune system might still be trying to fight the fight and 20 years down the road you develop Parkinson's or any other autoimmune disease. (all depends on your genetic weak link) Need to ask the immune system (with the RIGHT blood work)
8) An awesome explanation of how gluten causes thyroid disease! Watch this video!
9) I'm buying his Gluten summit now. It's focus is the relationship between gluten and autoimmune diseases.

Suzy Cohen, RPh "Top 10 Natural Caures for Diseases You THINK You Have"
1) Drugs are the biggest rip off. Biggest secret ever played on patients. Drugs cause stolen nutrients which causes symptoms/side effects that your doctor doesn't recognize so you are put on another medication. You are healthier than you think you are!
2) Acid blockers and antacids are THE biggest nutrient thieves. They steal every nutrient because the affect the pH in the gut, particularly magnesium
3) Statins, steroids and thyroid medications are the other huge ones
4) Methylation is the bodies sanitation system. If you can't methylate, you have trouble removing toxins, leads to misdiagnosis. Antacids and birth control make this problem way worse. (Hello! Spent 16 years on birth control and popped antacids like candy when I was pregnant with my first child....and 2 years ago I learned I have one copy of MTHFR mutation. Sigh.)
5) Diabetes (type 2) can be healed FAST!
6) I need her "Drug Muggers" book because this is fascinating. (will I say that about everything? Yes probably)

Sayer Ji ( "Top 7 Miracle Herbs and Supplements"
1) is paid for by your tax dollars, GO AND LOOK at the countless studies that compare a pharmaceutical drug with a natural traditional compound.
2) He spent 5 years methodically indexing the natural medicine research on pubmed and then created Greenmedinfo 
3) Medication is a patented chemical that blocks symptoms which usually causes another symptom because it causes toxic poisoning in the body
4) FDA/FDC defines anything you take to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure a disease as a drug. Can take cherries for osteoarthritis (which Michigan State University proved to be as good as NSAID like Ibuprofen or naproxen) and that is a violation of the law. (OMG, FDA, really, just Suck it Trebek). In Florida if someone at a health food store recommends that you take curcurmin to reduce inflammation associated with osteoarthritis, it's a Class B felony! FDA has Napoleonic version of the truth. If they don't explicitly define something as therapeutic then by implication that something is not considered legal for said condition. 
5) Tides are changing because of social media because BigPharm doesn't own the Internet, can't hide information from us like they used to. You have access to the truth. You have a choice to discover that truth. "Information is the currency of democracy." Thomas Jefferson.
6) He went over the amazing benefits (and mentions how many studies done on and showing these benefits) of coconut oil, black cumin seed oil, garlic (CLINICALLY PROVEN TO KILL MRSA), turmeric/curcurmin, honey (Honey is on the highest order of medicine) and Frankincense oil (study shows it kills ovarian cancer)
7) Talks about how we need to revamp our understanding of cancer. It is not caused because of some byproduct of gene mutation and cells that replicate like mad. "It's not about trying to find a natural substance to prevent cancer. It's about removing the cause....The cure is you removing the cause" (Bad food and chemicals)
8) 20 MILLION studies on that you have laid for with your tax dollars....go look at how the SCIENCE SUPPORTS THE TRADITION NOT LATENTED CHEMICALS!

I love this summit and it hasn't even started yet!! There will be 30 presentations from 30 experts. It starts on Monday, October 6th and it's FREE. 

In true health, 


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