Monday, September 22, 2014

Hashimoto's Summit: I finally Got One

Well my mom and I got the all access digital package for this summit (I would kind of buy this for every single summit if it could! I'm am info hoarder. There. I said it.) because she has Hashimotos and I don't want it And I'm all for getting the most info in one spot, amirite? 

Anyway today is the last day to get it for only $67 (I think they let you do two payments too) if you have Hashimotos or suspect you do or like me you don't want it or want to learn learn learn! Been amazing info so far! To be clear the event is over but I am working my way through the information. It's nice to be able to go through it at my own pace which is a snail's one these days. But our 6 week old is becoming more aware and flashing me smiles....that's good stuff! Twenty minutes here, ten there, two here...I will take the info however I can get it.

Here's what you get with this:
  • All 22 Hashimoto’s Institute Audio Sessions
  • Printable transcripts of the Sessions
  • All 6 Bonus Day’s Audio Content
  • Printable Transcripts of the Bonus day
  • Incredible bonus items from our experts that will support your healing 
I like when a bunch of experts get together and give me the info I look for on my own! Midnight tonight 9/22, the price goes up to $97!

Access the package here!

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