Thursday, March 27, 2014

The best ever crap free chocolate chip cookie

This is NOT my recipe.  This is an ode to the best ever crap free cookie that came from the brains of Life Made Full. To them I say....I love you. No really. It's the perfect cookie. My husband recently said, "make sure we never run out of these." To which I said, "that will be do recall I'm pregnant?" Hee!

Anyway, go here for their "To Die For Chocolate Chip Cookie" recipe and make them and try to share them but only if it doesn't cause you mental anguish. They are little round chocolate chippy manna from Heaven with no grains, a no dairy option and no refined sugars.!!

Vitacost has BOGO1/2off for the chocolate chips we use so I maybe stocked up a little....because ya know, we don't want to run out of these cookies! You can go here to get that deal. I'm not sure how ling the BOGO sale is though, FYI.

Here's our pile of chips and cookies. Anyone spy a wee 22 month old hand helping himself?

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