Monday, March 31, 2014

"Who's Your Crunchy Mama?" Series...Check Out this Month's Mama! {hint: it's me!}

I'm excited to share a very cool blog with you. It's called "Little Owl Crunchy Mama" and it belongs to my new friend Jacqueline Byers.

She is a crunchy mama as well and has a running series that introduces other blogging moms to her readers and this month yours truly is on there! Fun!! You can see the article here.

While you're there have a look at her about me information for the cool story behind her daughters name and the blog name. She's a homebirthing, babywearing, cloth diapering, self-educated nutrition geek, needless to say, I liked her before I even got to know her! She shares tasty recipes and wonderful natural health information on her blog. You can find her on Facebook and Google+ as well!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The best ever crap free chocolate chip cookie

This is NOT my recipe.  This is an ode to the best ever crap free cookie that came from the brains of Life Made Full. To them I say....I love you. No really. It's the perfect cookie. My husband recently said, "make sure we never run out of these." To which I said, "that will be do recall I'm pregnant?" Hee!

Anyway, go here for their "To Die For Chocolate Chip Cookie" recipe and make them and try to share them but only if it doesn't cause you mental anguish. They are little round chocolate chippy manna from Heaven with no grains, a no dairy option and no refined sugars.!!

Vitacost has BOGO1/2off for the chocolate chips we use so I maybe stocked up a little....because ya know, we don't want to run out of these cookies! You can go here to get that deal. I'm not sure how ling the BOGO sale is though, FYI.

Here's our pile of chips and cookies. Anyone spy a wee 22 month old hand helping himself?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Easy Homemade Granola Bars

I have been neck deep in my unplugging journey and haven't really posted about anything else lately. It's been fantastic and I definitely feel like I have found more balance. As I continue to find the right balance, I would like to get back into sharing recipes and natural health information. 

I'm going to start with a simple granola recipe that I've been meaning to post for awhile now. I'm grateful to Jackie over at Little Owl Crunchy Mama for choosing me as her March crunchy mama for her "Who's Your a Crunchy Mama?" series (stay tuned for that post!) and for asking me for this recipe because it prompted me to finally post it! ....lotta mamas in that sentence. 

I love granola bars. Store bought ones always leave my mouth feeling weird, and since cutting WAY back on processed food I was happy to settle on a homemade granola recipe. 

Easy Homemade Granola Bars

  1. Melt the sugar, honey, butter, vanilla, and salt in a small saucepan. Let cool a little.
  2. Mix maca powder with shredded coconut and oats then add in nuts.
  3. Mix the honey mixture with the toasted ingredients in a large bowl, keep in mind the sugar mixture is still pretty warm.
  4. Add in the remaining ingredients (raisins, etc)
  5. Press the hot mixture into a parchment lined 9×13 dish.
  6. Cool considerably before cutting

I always seem to forget to take a fancy pants granola bars pictures I make these....I'll get one some day!

1) "Activate" nuts by soaking in water (with some salt) overnight then dry in oven or dehydrator. Post coming on the importance of this. For now just know it makes them easier to digest and better for you overall.
2) I toast the toasted ingredients in the oven on 375 for about 10-15mins...keep a close eye on that coconut!
3) Recipe adapted from Nourishing Creations (
4) This post containes affiliate links to products I use and recommend for this recipe. If you choose to purchase the products via the link provided, I will get a small percentage of the sale, which is helpful for feeding my growing family, so thank you!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Cleaning....times a bajillionity

Wow, spring cleaning over here on every level and it's not even spring yet. I'm kind of amazed at what has transpired so far this year and that it basically all started with cleaning most of Facebook out of my brain. It seems to have just snowballed from there.

I'm going through a couple programs and have learned how to identify those negative parts of ourselves and embrace them then integrate them so they don't trip us up.  Like that part of me that feels like a failure or like I might be a failure if I do something...turns out that part of me helped me to be more driven to succeed. And that part of me that worries I might be or look stupid, just drives me to learn more. Interesting thing about these "shadows" of ours! Feels much better to just embrace, integrate and utilize them rather than beat myself up over how or why they are there and how to "fix" them or me. So there's this inner spring cleaning/organizing going on and it's frustrating and refreshing at the same time.

Then there's all the physical crap I'm getting rid of. Much I'm giving away, some I'm selling. What is all this stuff I hold on to? Oy! Going through it all and deciding what to do with it is a whole other inner development in itself. It all ultimately feels just fantastic though!

Other updates...Tai Chi is over. It was cool and I wanted to take the second part but it's looking like I will have to wait to take successional classes like that when the kids are up is yoga, whenever I can get there about once a week. In fact, I need to go have a peek about a Groupon for a place I have been wanting to try.

Homeopathy class is still going, yet I've gotten behind. Nice that I can finish at my own pace. So much reading....which I do when? Oh right when the kids go to bed, ha! I could be reading the greatest story ever told and still fall asleep if I'm reading at the end of the day. All in due time.

20 weeks pregnant already! Holy cow. Feeling regular movement which is my most favorite part! We have the half-way ultrasound next week...can't wait to see him or her on screen!!

I think that's it. There's really SO much more to what I have learned and I think in time I will get into it more because it seems to be life changing!