Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What a Process

This less plugged life...I continue to do better with my unattached FB account, which is great! I've also stayed off FB with my main account for another week! Even with one of my best friends/cousin having a baby yesterday morning. Thank goodness for email and text photos ;) ....and for aunts returning to my house so I can go meet her this morning! Wheee!

I didn't really get to share a few updates and news flashes with my last post. First, a couple updates. Tai Chi is half over and I love it. Practicing at home with two boys closing in on 2 and 4 has proven to be the most challenging part. I need to start making sure I do it when they go to bed or if I happen to wake up before them. I really love everything about it though and look forward to experiencing the mindless moving meditation when I'm not worrying about where to put my hands and if I've fully switched all my weight to balance on one leg before stepping. I hadn't planned on taking the second part of the class when I first signed up but I have since changed my mind!

I'm not sure if I shared before that I'm taking a homeopathy class? Well I am. :D This is an Intro to Homeopathy all done through email on my own time. I've managed to stay on top of what seems like a lot of reading and find it all very interesting indeeeeed! Fascinating really. From the history and development (the founding doctors testing and "proving" the remedies on themselves!) of it to the modern day "debate" about single versus combo remedies between homeopaths....good stuff! By the end of the class one of the best things is that I will finally feel completely comfortable knowing what remedy to use for which acute need...which will be ideal with 2 potentially 3 little boys in this house, one that I'm convinced is part eating anything climbing on anything goat! 

Then a couple news flashes!! My 3.75 year old who refused to even sit on a kiddie potty for um EVER, was 98% potty trained in about a week. Oh happy day and praise The Lord! Dare I say that it was easy, with a little help from a Woody doll, sitting in his box on top of the vanity in the bathroom just waaaaaiting to be taken out of a box by a big toilet using boy. I'm pretty sure he was already familiar with how it felt to need to go to the bathroom, because he didn't have one accident the first two days. Any accidents he has had weren't too bad, except for the very first one. Seems like every time he has one he learns from it because he hasn't had the same kind of accident twice, which doesn't make sense but it does. :D

In other news, I scheduled our 20 week ultrasound for next month already and I'm feeling flutters. Cherishing those! Excited to see the brewin' newb on the ultrasound next month. Another 5 weeks actually but time flies when you are chasing around a goat boy, hee! As of right now we don't plan on finding out if a boy or girl is brewin' in there. I don't have a definite feeling of what it is either, I never did with either of my other two either. So we shall see!

Well now that I've babbled, I need to at least touch on my title eh? This whole unplugging thing is a such process. In terms of using some of that time to get things done that need to be done....uh, yea still working on that. I have very productive days and then wowza....nadda. Yet I'm not on FB, so I'm not sure what I'm doing? So there's the next challenge/goal... I don't want to be using all my newly created time on being productive with tasks because that was only part of the point of leaving FB. Finding balance really is the theme for 2014 for me. From literally finding balance in Tai Chi to balancing the things of daily life. I need to make sure I just unplug my adult mind and play in a fort or pretend to be a polar bear who catches the kids and tosses them on ice berg cushions. Tapping into my inner kid shouldn't really take to long to perfect because I still feel like a kid a lot of the time! That's really the most important goal of this whole thing, being present with my kids. Being in the moment and not distracted with what I need to do or want to learn. I'm feeling encouraged as I continue to make slow steady progress! 

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