Friday, February 21, 2014

Oh oh ohhhh, that's the Law of Circulation!

This less connect from FB continues to produce good things. Great things even.

I have been technically active on my old account because I am going through my stuff and selling some of it (and having a grand ol' time doing it on amazon. As if I didn't like that website enough!). I'm giving most away and throwing some away as well. Holy guacamole. Feels. So. Good. It's even become addicting. See? Addicting personality.... Need to use that for good not evil.

Anyway, I go on to skim my notifications to see if anyone posted on anything I'm selling. Then I leave. Oh wait, I've sent a few productive messages. I just go on do what I need to do and leave. It's a miracle. I wasn't really sure I was capable, honestly. I have caught myself scrolling through the news feed a couple times and just stop and close the window and get back to looking for anything and everything I want out of the house. As I declutter, I can think more clearly and doors open up for me. The Law of Circulation in action, no doubt. I didn't even realize that's what was happening until a couple days ago. Saweeeeeet!


Homeopathy class continues to enlighten. There's a lot of reading...because it's a class. Haha! But it's been a while since I took a class and I guess I managed to forget this part. Luckily I love to read so it works out well. :D

I am rapidly approaching the halfway point of this pregnancy and can't believe it at all. I'm feeling the brewin' newb move more and more. So amazing!

I'm not sure what else really. Just continuing to get and stay focused and it just feels truly fantastic!

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