Thursday, November 7, 2013

Simple Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Apple and Bacon {Paleo}

Simple Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Apple and Bacon
When I was growing up, my mom didn't like Brussels sprouts so we rarely ever had them. As my eating habits changed and I learned more and more and more and more about food and real nutrition I realized I had to bring these into my family's lives. I read an article in a magazine that did a vegetable show down basically, head to head comparing the most nutritional bang for your buck and those darn Brussels sprouts came out on top!
These tiny little cabbage looking things are REALLY good for you! They provide benefits like lowering cholesterol, detoxifying the body, preventing several types of cancer because of something extra special called sulforaphane and reducing inflammation.

I have found there's only a couple ways, ok maybe only one, I like to eat them and that's roasted and with bacon. Steamed or sauteed leaves them too mushy for me. I like the crunch of roasted veggies. Then of course when you add bacon to anything it makes it all the more tasty!! Then there's just something about adding in the apple that completes this side dish for me. Having said that, you might find you'd prefer to leave it out- my husband prefers it without the apple. So do your own experiment and see what works for you and yours!
Simple Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Apple and Bacon Recipe
  • 3 pounds organic Brussel sprouts
  • 1 large organic apple, diced
  • 4-5 strips -free* bacon, diced ( free means no nitrites/nitrates, uncured, pigs fed what they're supposed to eat, etc. Door to Door Organics carries some!)
  • 1-2 green onions, sliced
  • Himalayan salt and pepper to taste
Preheat oven to 425F
1) Bake the bacon on a large cookie sheet until starting to crisp, about 10 minutes.
2) While the bacon is cooking wash the Brussels sprouts, and trim the tips. Then cut in half lengthwise. If you have some extra big ones you might want to cut in fourths
3) Remove the bacon and place on paper towels to soak up excess fat. Place the Brussels sprouts in a bowl along with the leftover fat from the pan. Add salt and pepper to taste and toss to evenly coat.
4) Spread seasoned Brussels sprouts on cookie sheet and bake for about 15 minutes.
5) While that is cooking dice your apple and your bacon then add to the Brussels sprouts and cook another 10-15 minutes.
6) Keep an eye on the goods and toss them around to brown evenly. I like crispy, so I tend to cook even longer than I say I do. When they look brown enough for your liking take them out and add to a serving bowl. Sprinkle with the freshly sliced green onion and serve!

(Instagram via iPad picture...not the best quality!)


  1. This looks like a great recipe. I'm going to ask Kim to make it for us.

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