Monday, November 25, 2013


I am giving away a month supply of EPX Body Cardio!

For a little background information on what EPX Body is check out this post or this website.

EPX Body Cardio exists to address the depressing fact 2900 American’s die every day from heart failure.  It is founded on the best clinical science from Dr. Ignarro and Dr. Murad and their work on nitric oxide in the cardiovascular system which won them the Nobel prize.

The main ingredient is L-Arginine, an amino acid found in fresh vegetables, garlic, green tea, meats and fish. (Hint hint, eat more of those things and less processed foods.) In the body Arginine converts into Nitric Oxide which then widens and relaxes arteries allowing blood to flow more easily. EPX Body Cardio also contains another amino acid, L-Citrulline, which helps produce more L-Arginine among other things.
More and more doctors and scientists are seeing the astounding health benefits of increasing L-Arginine intake. It is a vital amino acid and is considered one the most important discoveries in preventing and reversing cardiovascular disease.
Nitric Oxide is absolutely crucial to our health and is regarded as the most significant molecule in the body because it reduces stress on the heart, regulates blood pressure, improves circulation, and reduces plaque in blood vessels. It's the body's built in way of preventing heart attacks and strokes.
Here’s a quote from 1998 Nobel Laureat Louis Ignarro, Ph.D.: "Repairing the damage wrought by cardiovascular disease without risky and often ineffective surgery had long been considered impossible. I was awarded the noble prize in Medicine for making that thinking obsolete. Now we know we can reverse cardiovascular impairment naturally – with the body's internally manufactured 'wonder drug' nitric oxide."
There are medical published clinical studies scientifically proving that nitric oxide created by arginine will do the following:
  • Increasing blood flow throughout the body by widening the blood vessels
  • Reverse the hardening of the arteries by softening the blood vessels
  • Overcome most high blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels
  • Prevent and reverse atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, heart attack, stroke and peripheral artery disease by inhibiting and melting away plaque.
More benefits of L-arginine based on scientific research and clinical studies:
  • Decreases/lowers/reduces: blood pressure, elevated serum triglyceride levels, ulcers
  • Increases: human growth hormone (anti-aging), energy levels to a more youthful state
  • Improves:
    • diabetes and reverses damage caused by diabetes
    • asthma
    • irritable bowel syndrome
    • osteoporosis
    • outcome of cancer treatment
    • outcome after bypass surgery
    • Alzheimer's
    • long-term and short-term memory and cognitive functions
    • prostate function
    •  libido and sexual function
    • renal (kidney) function
    • muscle performance
  • Alleviates:
    • obesity and facilitates weight loss
    • cirrhosis, helps to detoxify the liver, and liver malfunction can occur as a result of arginine deficiency

As if that’s not enough, there’s an amazing ingredient called AstraGin that is a proprietary, all natural plant based formulation derived from highly purified Panaxnotoginseng and Astragalus membrenaceus. AstraGin increases chemicals in the human body called “transporters” and “mRNA”. These chemicals determine how much or how little specific nutrients are absorbed into the intestinal cells and therefore how much is available to our bodies.
EPX Body Cardio is formulated to help people who have high blood pressure, blood sugar issues, gastric bypass, athletes, body builders, etc…even those looking to lose and melt away fat.
There are other ingredients that I didn’t even get to highlight too! Feel free to go to for more information about the product before entering!

****This contest is for ONE MONTH supply of EPX Body Cardio. The contest begins Monday, November 25th at 12am CST and will end Friday, November 29thst at 12am CST. It is open to residents of the contingent 48 states.****
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